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Blackjack Calculator – An Easy Way to Win in Casino

We’d like to introduce to you our Blackjack Calculator – high-tech hinting software that will help you to beat casinos.In short, the only thing you need to do to win is to follow all instructions of the program and your chances to win will increase significantly.






Why Does It Work?


Blackjack is a good game not only because it’s interesting. The main argument – with the help of our free program Blackjack Calculator you can get a mathematical advantage in your game against a casino. When we gamble randomly, we count on our luck only, but in this situation the advantage is at casinos’ side due to the probability theory. Sure, this advantage is small, but a casino has it in each game. Blackjack Calculator and the strategy, according to which all calculations are made, turn everything upside-down, turning a player, who is originally a victim, into a hunter. There is no mystic or magic, just pure mathematics. In each specific hand Blackjack Calculator provides you with hints, telling when it’s time to stop, to take one more card or even to double your bet. You might consider such game boring and schematic, but this game is likely to yield you money. This overcomes all other disadvantages.


How it Works


In order to play successfully with the help of Blackjack Calculator, you only need to set up the rules of the casino, in which you play. Adjust the settings in 6 submenus on the left sliding panel and play your game wisely.







The number of cards in a game: this parameter adjusts the number of cards (from 1 to 8).


Dealer’s rules: in different casinos and different blackjack styles a dealer plays according to different strategies. Most probably the dealer may select “stand” or “hit” on “soft” 17.


Double the bet: if the table you play at allows doubling bets on any hand, set up this setting into a position “Any two cards”.If not, adjust the parameter according to the casino rules.


Double after split: it’s easy – the casino either accepts this, or rejects.


Surrender: if the casino rejects surrendering, check this box. If surrendering is allowed, specify whether this is allowed on early or late stage.


Check for 21 in case of Ace: if the dealer has an Ace as the first card, whether the dealer has the right to look at the second card.











After you’re done with these adjustments, simply follow the hints of Blackjack Calculator. The hints are shown in the central table. The horizontal line is that only card of the dealer you can see. The vertical line is your hand. The place where the lines are crossing signifies the action recommended by the program (you can read full version of all hints provided by the program in Help section).


Additional Help


In the right panel of Blackjack Calculator we have gathered the list of casinos, which rules don’t reject playing using our strategy. While selecting the casinos, we have taken into consideration the rating of gambling websites provided by as the indicator of honesty and reliability. You can play for real money in each of these casinos or you can prefer to play for virtual money first.


Download Blackjack Calculator here.




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